Is it time to hit the dating scene..


Is it time to hit the dating scene? Are you ready to date?

I am assuming you are starting to get tired of Netflix binging...and you are starting to think about getting out there and dating. It’s a scary feeling.  And you probably never thought that at this age, you would be getting back out on the dating scene. I am not sure its the same as riding a bike. So many things have changed in the world of dating...Maybe you never dated before you were married or its maybe been 20 years since you have even went on a date.  And now there is social media and online dating….

Are you ready?  I remember wondering if it’s time to start dating.  I know that I started too soon right away, but I have now taken some time to really think about the entire dating process.

It is important to know what you want out of the dating.  Are you looking for a long term relationship, are you looking for someone to just get out and do things with, are you looking for just a friend with benefits.  It is all up to you, but it is important to know what you want out of dating before you start. Be honest from the beginning.

How much time do you have to date?  If you have kids and share coverage with your ex, think about how much time you actually have to date.  Is this a priority or are you just trying to get out of the house. I have learned that dating with schedules is very hard and takes some planning.   Do you just want someone to do something with when your kids are not with you? These are all the questions that I have learned to think about before getting in a relationship.

How open will you be with your kids about dating?  I think that it is very smart to think about how open and involved you want your kids when you first start dating.  We all have our own ideas and opinions on this topic, however I feel that you should tread lightly when it comes to your children.  Ask your children about dating and their thoughts.. The more you talk to them openly the more you will know their real thoughts and feelings.  

What are you going to tell your kids? Think about what you are going to tell your kids if they ask you about your dating and relationships.  I mean do you want them to know that you are looking for a friend with benefits or looking for a long term relationship. Maybe or maybe not.  Right after my divorce, I met someone and after a few months, we had our kids hang out with all of us. It was nice to have someone to do things with and also with my kids.  It worked out very well because we each had kids the same age. There will be many questions from your kids, so it is good to think do

So many questions to ask yourself… and so many more that will come up. Dating came be so rewarding and so scary...